Strange . . .
Those who DESTROY historic buildings downtown have had seats on the Historic Preservation Commission!

Downtown is the place for rampant uncontrolled development and the Historic Preservation Commission has become the school for it, the rite of passage. If you want to destroy Wilmington's historic buildings, you need to get on the HPC first! These guys did it, you can too. Meet them inside . . .

"The Historic Preservation Commission has become the doorway to destroying our historic buildings! Shocking! Check out this site and take a tour of Wilmington's darker side."
- Ella McEachern

"At last somebody is coming out with the truth about what is happening downtown! I love this site!"
- Jim Early

The future of the historic district overlay in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina

Background to Disaster

An ex-Historic Preservation Commission member bares all in this candid interview

Meet Donn Lashley, recipient of this year's AWARD OF SHAME

Comments from our readers

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